608-S: School Smoothies Made Easy

Smoothies are healthy. Students love smoothies. Your program deserves a SaniServ® smoothie machine. SaniServ® has been known for high quality ice cream and frozen beverage

machines for almost a century, and its new 608S smoothie machine is built specifically for school nutrition programs. A great fit for school nutrition programs, smoothies qualify for full meal credit reimbursement, and student excitement for smoothies has helped to dramatically increase participation in school programs serving them. SaniServ® machines will meet these high demands for smoothies among students. Designed to handle natural ingredients more effectively than any other machine on the market, the SaniServ® 608S provides your program with a healthy option that students love.

So, yes, from a practical standpoint, serving smoothies from a SaniServ® machine is a healthy way to increase participation for very little labor and very little materials costs, but it’s more compelling to describe exactly why smoothies are so popular and what they mean to students.

A smoothie will make your day better. The classmates who accidentally ripped their poster board and ruined their group presentation on the Louisiana Purchase, the student who almost lost the class guinea pig last weekend and definitely lost sleep trying to find it last night, and the teachers who address these and other problems — they’ll grab a smoothie, and their day will get easier. And the staff of a school nutrition program, after brightening the days of everyone they’ve served, will be grateful that the SaniServ® 608S is the easiest to clean, the easiest to operate, and the easiest to own out of any other smoothie machine on the market. SaniServ® machines are designed from the ground up to save you time and money, so you can spend more time bringing smiles to your school.