Testimonial: The Best Shakes at the Indiana State Fair

Michelle Plummer works for the Indiana Dairy Association, and during the Indiana State Fair, she has the honor of managing the famous Dairy Barn. When she was looking to replace her shake machines, she turned to SaniServ. She needed a machine that could handle the massive crowds of fairgoers, year after year. The Dairy Barn served 64,172 customers in 2017, and, thanks to the reliability that she was looking for when she initially looked to SaniServ, the Dairy Barn served up shakes without a hitch.

“I can’t find anything wrong. I try!”

Plummer has been using SaniServ machines for ten years without a single problem: No problems getting her mostly-teenaged staff up to speed on how to operate the machines, no problems with mechanical issues, and no problems maintaining a consistent, high-quality product.

Aside from reliability, Plummer notes the responsive and dependable service as another key benefit of owning the machines. SaniServ has quickly supplied knowledge, service, and materials to the Dairy Barn throughout the ten years of them operating the machines. SaniServ builds a product with a quality that you can depend on for years to come. As Plummer says,

“It just works!”