Accessories – Auto Fill

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AF-1 Auto Fill KitSupplies constant product to the dispenser.
Auto Fill SystemsThe SaniServ SAFS 12 or SAFS 24 is a Complete Integrated Auto Fill System for use with Pre-Mixed products, in any Frozen beverage application.

Accessories – Mixers / Drink Spinners

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CYCLONE™ Flurry/Shake MixerAdd the SaniServ CYCLONE™ to your counter for blending special treats into Soft Serv Ice Cream and Shakes. Maximize Your Profits by adding popular high profit mix-ins, shakes and malts to your dessert offerings. You can offer products like milk shakes, malts, also many flavors and varieties of addins to Soft Serv ice cream with the addition of a CYCLONE ™ mixer. High-speed mixing and spindle design insure even mixing from top to bottom of shakes, malts and flurries. An Optional Foot Pedal is available for hands free operation of on/off switch.
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Accessories – Other

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Bucket Hanger KitThe heavy duty SaniServ Bucket hanger is designed to eliminate the need for an employee to stand and hold a 25 to 30 pound bucket under the spigot while draining product, cleaning solutions or sanitizer during the cleaning process.
Cord SetsSaniServ is pleased to announce the availability of the cord, plug and receptacle options for all 230 volt machines. The cord and plug will be assembled but not attached to the machine and shipped with receptacle. This is part of our 'Plug and Play' concept. Making ownership of SaniServ equipment as friendly as possible is top priority.
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Insulated LidThe SaniServ Insulated lid for ice cream and shake machines, has been designed to improve the overall performance for any SaniServ machine. The new insulated lid is a must for the safety conscious owner by reducing the overall temperature range of the mix being held in the mix reservoir by up to 4 degrees. Also improves energy efficiency and performance!
LightboxVisual Merchandising Aid
O-Ring RemoversSaniServ is pleased to announce the availability of the O-Ring Remover Tool.
Parts TraySimplifies the clean-up process.
Side Syrup RailAdd Product Variety!
Stainless Steel Equipment StandsFree up valuable counter space and provide superior support for your equipment!
Stainless Steel Equipment Stands with Syrup DispenserFree up valuable counter space and provide superior support for your equipment! Includes built-in drip tray and syrup dispenser.
Wash Out KitConvenient running water service right to the mixpan.