High Volume Shake Machines

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Model 601 counter top shake machine with AccuFreeze controlThe SaniServ ® model 601 Shake Freezer provides a high volume of smooth quality shakes! With it's increased production and recovery time, owners and operators can always provide plenty of high profit shake products, even during peak operating periods. As always, adding an optional drink spinner and syrup rail for flavors can create customer favorites. The 601 provides customer satisfaction every time by insuring their favorite shakes are always available! Produces three - 12 oz servings per minute.
Model 614 floor model shake machine with AccuFreeze controlThe SaniServ ® model 614 shake freezer provides high profit, consistent quality shakes in a traditional single barrel flavor design! The 614's ease of operation is a favorite among owners and operators. The high production, capacity and recovery time insures the 614 is a perfect piece of equipment for satisfying high customer demand. By adding a drink spinner and syrup rail, the 614 is sure to provide everyone’s favorite shake flavor! Produces Five 16 oz servings per minute.
Model 614SAS floor model select-a-shake machine with accufreeze controlThe SaniServ® Model 614SAS Select-A- Shake freezer provides up to four flavors of uniform, smooth, high profit shakes! The 614SAS automatically mixes each shake uniformly to insure a perfect milk shake in the flavor desired! Owners and operators will appreciate the machine’s quick recovery time and ability to provide everyone’s favorite flavor quickly even during peak operating periods! The 614SAS can satisfy everyone with their favorite flavor every time! Produces five 16 oz shakes per minute.
Model 624 Floor Model Twin Flavor Shake Machine With AccuFreeze ™ controlThe SaniServ ® 624 floor model freezer provides not one but two favorite shake flavors in a high production floor model machine! The output and versatility of the 624 means owners and operators can choose two of their best sellers and because each side of the machine utilizes its own 2 HP refrigeration system, customers are always insured of getting their favorites! Add a pair of spinners for each side and the shake flavor choices are endless! Produces five - 16oz servings per minute per side.

Medium Volume Shake Machines

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Model 608 counter model shake machine with AccuFreeze® controlThe SaniServ ® model 608 shake freezer provides smooth quality, high profit shakes anytime, anywhere! Owners and operators can easily add high profit shakes to any menu and provide quality drinks everybody loves! By adding an optional Drink Spinner and a Syrup Rail for flavors, customers can also enjoy a wide flavor offering of quality shake products that keep them coming back for more of their own personal favorites! Produces two - 12oz shakes per minute.
Model 691 twin flavor counter model shake machine with AccuFreeze® ControlThe SaniServ ® model 691 countertop shake freezer can provide two favorites in one machine! With an independent drive system in each side of the machine, product can be easily maintained and or changed in either side when desired! The mix pan is also refrigerated to ensure quicker recovery time. By offering not one, but two flavor products, owners and operators will insure every customer stays satisfied and increase their operating profits!